Nov 21, 2017

Reviews for Solacers

A few words about Solacers

“I finished the last pages of your book today. It has consumed me since I picked it up last week, and I have often had to tear myself away from the urge to keep reading, when necessary tasks awaited my attention. It was not only the events of your story (which were remarkable), but the literary qualities of your retelling: the detail you provided of all five (even six) senses, the foreshadowing, and the emotional depth combined to make this a riveting read. I felt deeply involved with the story, and had to suppress strong emotional responses.
I confess, when I read the publisher's blurb about your book online, my expectations were low. I feared it would be another "escape from Iran" narrative, in which Muslims (or people "from there") featured as the enemies of reason and civilization. There are so many such Orientalist tales in circulation, and they feed into a politics of fear which I find very dangerous. How wonderful to be surprised by a story that captured the people you encountered in all their humanity: the compassionate, the cold, the helpless, and the brutal. These were not one-sided depictions, and your effort to understand even your worst abusers (like your father) increased the power of the account. We all have the potential for both the best and worst acts.
I was also delighted by the way you captured the differences of ethnic background, religious orientation, and regional variation in Iran. It will be a book I recommend to others.” – Eva Sajoo- Research Associate, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

This is a superbly written account of an unwanted and cast-off child growing up in pre-revolutionary Iran. Obviously it must be compared to The Kite Runner because of its similar setting/situation but that's (thankfully) where any similarity ends. There's nothing sentimental about The Solacers; it's not contrived or laboured and the choice of words perfectly convey the awfulness of Alireza's (or Arion's) situation.The Solacers is one of those rare books which you would want to read again. There are dozens of little snippets which conjure up images of a world that most of us (thankfully) do not have to live in. This is why I've given it five stars.”
– Clive West- Author, Publisher-- United Kingdom

“Solacers is a wrenching, heartbreaking -- yet ultimately uplifting -- story about a little boy abandoned by his parents and how he survives and eventually thrives. It is written without self-pity nor anger. Rather, he tells the story in a matter-of-fact, yet poetic manner. Characters and scenes are painted vividly with detail.
Golmakani recalls many painful and sometimes humiliating events of his past, but manages to persevere and put it all behind him. It is an unforgettable book that should be at the top of anyone's must-read list.”
— Donna Pazdera— Lecturer at University of Texas-Pan American

“A story of hope, determination, and forgiveness, Solacers is a remarkable tale of resilience and optimism, with lessons for us all. Golmakani gives voice to children everywhere who long for nurturing and hunger for security.”
— Hans J. Massaquoi, retired managing editor of Ebony Magazine and the author of best-selling book, Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany.
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“Solacers is one of the most captivating and 
interesting books I have ever read. It is touchingly and sensitively written with pathos and intellect.”
— Robert DaCosta, Retired Editor-in-Chief Defense Science Magazines

“Congratulation on such a first class book. One of the most important attributes of this book is its ability to motivate readers to try harder, and guide them to find a better life for themselves.”
- Dr. Ehsan Yarshater, Colombia University

"If you devoured “The Glass Castle,” vividly remember “Angela's Ashes,” and were fascinated by “Destined to Witness,” if you loved the colorful descriptions, the oriental storytelling and the ornate language of Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner,” you will definitely get your money’s worth reading “Beraubte Wut-- the German edition of Solacers,” by the American author Arion Golmakani."

– Joke Brocker, Westfälische Nachrichten


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